Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's been... a WEEK .... of drama....

Phew. We survived this week. "Survived"... "EEEKED by is more accurate". The momma is having a quad. That's four shots of espresso with a drop of foamed milk,  In her life that is the equivalent to tying one on. She is on a coffee bender.

None of us are saying anything.  We are all looking elsewhere. There is a silence pact and we aim to maintain it. I personally like my head where it is. Until that caffeine kicks in, we are maintaining assured cleared distance.

The stresses of renovation ebbs and flows. Small rewards come when any little thing gets "done". But therein lies the rub. Who is defining "done"?

We are playing where is the fridge at my house.  Apparently the shipping company sent it to some other state! Momma has been on the phone with that.  And why are not all faucets created equal? And why  did they put holes all over the new walls?  Hooomans... I want to grab someone and shake them cobwebs out of their heads,,, But no. I am a silent witness, Call me Schultzie.

That whole reno issue was simply background noise, In the forefront, momma's eye surgery. Momma had to get them fixed again. Her peepers.  I suppose that spells trouble for us again, She will be able to "spot" something else to obsess about.  Then the broken toe. Yup, Misty Copland she not. She broke the usual toe. What?  It's like the third time! It is the "usual" toe.

Meanwhile, we are getting accustomed to the taste of sawdust, the smell of paint and that whole new traffic pattern that momma wants. She wants us to use the NEW door to go out in the backyard!
JD and I are in passive resistance mode. But you know the Wendy and Cosmo.  They will comply with anything....

Oh... let's not forget the major trauma of the new "Windows X". That whole update has cause more havoc than any of us can even remotely envision. It seems that Nimoy  [the Alienware] did not like windows X or it did not like the Norton update... it created issues that most programmers could not remotely comprehend. Something about "ILLOGICAL" issues. [Ehmmmm momma's puter....logic????What is that???]  And of course the desktop felt twangs of jealousy and refused to play with the new printer... and of course the I pad was resenting having to do all the heavy lifting...

All I can say is.... WE SURVIVED IT. 
Do we get a T-shirt?

Adam thank you for the patch. Unfortunately I know that you will be working on a fix when come home. But I will be giving you belly. So... it won't be so bad.

Momma keeps walking around the baking island skeleton and every single minute something is being done to that thing. Big week ahead. More holes coming., In the ceiling. UGH. Today we chill.

Deep breath. 

Yes I am itchy. Dealing with that too.

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bichonpawz said...

We really feel for you all! Hope things start looking up SOON! We love your photo!