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Thursday, August 20, 2015

JD takes a stand

"Let me in woman. I am ready for Mr Myke, I am giving him what he needs. Grooming is what you decreed, so there now you have something to groom. I rearranged some of your green stuff out there. The leaf is just for you, the duck poop is for me, I like wearing it all over my belly. Whattttttt? You are the one that insists on sending me off for a bath!  Why are you mad? Just let me in the house.  I can't wait to ride in your car smelling as good as I do right now."

We all bit our lips...had to... else momma would have seen that we were all laughing and that would have fueled her anger even more. Ehmmm momma was actually speechless. Stunned even...Her eyes fixed on JD, her mouth open...Ahhh she is cute when she is stunned.

Well played JD well played....

She will rethink announcing the trips to Mr Myke from here on...



Two French Bulldogs said...

You tell her Vie, gotta keep these women in check
Lily & Edward

Jeanne Pursell said...

Oh NO! JD is in trouble with momma!