Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Developing GOOD taste

Doing some reading this morning, while I wait for my breakfast. Sometimes momma has a hard time getting started until she gets some serious cappuccino in her. Truth be told, that is a habit I don't mind... specially given the fact that nothing starts my day better than my usual saucer of foam. It is part of my routine.

So, I found this article that explains or attempts to explain the physiology of canines as it relates to the sense of smell and taste. Interesting ha? Well, I have known forever that 2 leggeds are ... what is the word????? if you lack sight you are blind. If you lack speech you are mute, if you lack hearing you are deaf. What are you if you lack sense of smell????? Wiki says you have anosmia. Ha. Who knew. So 2 leggeds are basically anosmic. Don't argue with me.
Really, what you have is not a sense of smell. It is more like a sense of a sense of smell. Read it for yourself:

  • "Smell: Moisture on the surface of a dog's nose helps to dissolve molecules in the air. These molecules then come into contact with olfactory membranes inside the dog's nose. Nerve impulses are then sent to the olfactory center in the brain. The olfactory center of a dog is more than forty times bigger than that of a human and a dog's sense of smell is estimated to be one million times more efficient than humans. Dogs also have a vomeronasal organ in the roof of their mouths which allows them to "taste" certain smells. This organ transmits information directly to the part of the brain known as the limbic system, which controls emotional responses.
  • Taste: A dog's senses of taste and smell are closely linked and it is possible that dogs gain more information about food from its smell than from its taste. Most of a dog's taste buds are clustered around the tip of the tongue. Dogs can detect bitter, sweet, salty, and sour tastes, but their sense of taste is relatively poor and they have only one-sixth the number of taste buds that humans have (Whitehead 1999)."

So... if I get it right... we 4leggeds can out sniff 2leggeds 1 million to 1.... we can taste certain smells, but we are only one sixth as able to taste...

That figures. The way I see it, taste is a developed skill. More exposure would develop my taste buds more! Mommmmmmmmmaaaaaa... I need more food. I need a bigger range of food! Look, I am doing this for my species. Centuries of scraps and poor feeding practices have left us 4leggeds handicapped. Deep in my soul I know this truth: " I am a gourmand. Handicapped as I am, I long to savour pate, bask in the afterglow of a perfectly aged, marbled steak [Dogtor K don't you wrinkle your nose at me! I am doing this for my species!!!!...] Mhh I long to have a chunk of stracchino melt in my mouth and I need to experience a delicate lobster tail topped with creme fraiche. Seriously now. Don't you see how exposure would start to reverse that underdeveloped sense of taste? And I am not pointing paws.... but whose fault is it my taste buds are lacking in numbers???? Hmmmm??? Adaptation and survival. If you are fed scraps you adapt.
But we, you and I, are far past that now. We are civilized. [I am rolling my eyes] So... how about making amends and starting new. Momma, for breakfast I would like a slice of brioche, a poached egg, 2 pieces of pancetta, crisp please, some marmalade and schmear of butter... [I am watching my weight].
You know... I think I need to curl up with LaRousse Gastronomique after breakfast and make my list of ....evolutionary foods so momma has a list to work from. What do you think?
Like I said. Got to develop good taste!

Speaking of good taste. To exhibit your good taste and great eye, all you have to do is VOTE for me! SO do it now!!!

mhhh, mozarella in carozza.. that looks great....

PS... Don't you think the pink glasses are soooo ME?

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