Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Birthday!

We had a hard time shopping for momma's birthday.
The woman is hard to buy for! But, after some discussions, momma finally told us what she wants for a her birthday. Actually it was more like a marathon negotiation session. We did not need to go shopping at all!
She asked for a million kisses.
I know.

The impossibility of the task did not even slow her down for one second. She really asked for a million kisses. Wendy, JD and I were a little taken back. The fact is... After the first 7 or thousand, who would keep score? Who would be more sore? Us with tired lips or her with worn out cheeks?

So, rather than a specific numbers contract, JD negotiated an output contract. [Yes, JD's full name is Juris Doctor... so he is qualified to negotiate] We will save all of our kisses for her with the exception of the 100 kisses per quarter we will divide up between other family members and friends at our discretion.

She seems happy about it and it is something we can live with. Obviously she really wants our kisses! They must be great. Mhh. Maybe we should be selling kisses at Bark in the Park. Nahhh,
I don't kiss strangers. You never know where they have been.

Oh well, Happy Birthday momma. Are you seven yet?

Love and kisses
the 3 of us
JD, Wendy and 'vie

Oh yuh. VOTE

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your mama, Silvie!