Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reading about Ligers and Tigons

Reading about Ligers and tigons

No, I am not mispelling anything. It's "Ligers" not "Tigers" and "Tigons" not "lions."
Lion father+ Tiger mother= Liger
Tiger father+ Lion mother=Tigon

Patrick is a Liger living in The Shambala Preserve.

Imagine that ... being so rare, being a liger. Mhh that would be like being a catdog or a dogcat?
Well Patrick you look like a nice liger. Kinda... powerful looking. (Note to momma: He looks WAY more intimidating than you do) Do you speak both tiger and lion? Wow. I bark multilingual, but I have not mastered multi species yet, except for the begging thing. I try to sound as human as possible because it's the most successful. You know how that goes.

Well Patrick, I hope you read this blog and I hope you vote for me. I am trying to win some cash for my rescue. Yeah, I know you know all about rescue. Lucky for you you ended up at Shambala. I am a rescue too and I feel I should give back and that is why I am pursuing this contest. I know you have raised a lot of money for Shambala, so you understand.

If you are ever in my neck of the woods, I do hope you call so we can get together. JD talks on and on about meeting tiger cubs at the Norfolk zoo. It would be great to introduce you to him. HA. I bet he would faint.

Nice to know you Patrick.

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