Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Congratulations NINA

Well that crazy momma is doing her spastic, ehmm correction, happy dance. I was going to make fun of her by walking out of rhythm, but then I found out why she was doing the dance. I joined her. Had to.

She was celebrating and so am I! Congratulations Miss NINA!!! Happy adoption day. How wonderful that you have a forever home! There are lots of past posts with advice on how to handle your new family Now, girl friend, I hear you have a new brother. A cute new brother. I trust you will be introducing me to Patrick, right? Just let me have 2 minutes' worth of notice so I can fluff up and I will be happy to make his acquaintance.

Nina, relax, enjoy, allow yourself to sink into wonderful sleep tonight, because you are finally... HOME.
xoxox from all of us here, Congratulations to you and your new family.

and this is why we do it!!!!! VOTE

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