Friday, August 7, 2009

AS if

You call us to go to the groomer??? Are you kidding? This is supposed to make us run to you? Ha.

Take a lesson kiddies. PASSIVE RESISTANCE. Ghandi style. Just sit it out.

Look, momma got so flustered she could not focus her camera. Either that or she needs longer arms to see us... she says that all the time... that she needs longer arms so she can see better. [Makes no sense to me...2leggeds...

From the top of the steps, we can make our stand. There are 22 steps between us momma. Think about it. We don't want to go.

For now we are just going to watch you beg, whine, call, cajole, and we are entertained. Yes... eventually we will come down, but this is payback, so deal with it.

'vie, JD and Wendy too!
Wait one more thing.... you know the drill:

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