Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wants and want NOTS

Three different people sent me a link to the today story on the doggy snuggies. You know, my birthday is coming up so people are "fishing" around for ideas on things I may want.

The snuggie thing is NOT on my want, wish or aspire to, list. 1. It is not cashmere. 2.... It is... clothes... and it is not even designer clothes... 3. If I am cold I want to snuggle with you not some cheap fruity looking thing.... 4. generally if it is on an infomercial on late night TV... I don't want it, need it or care for it. Now, if Ralph Lauren or Micheal Kors come out with a cashmere, silk lined snuggie...in.... raspberry pink, call me.

I am afraid my Amazon list will need a good dusting off and updating as my b day is....fast approaching. Oh my... it is it is... August 5....

I know what I want for my birthday! I want all of your votes so we can win some money for TBFR.

Hey Ashton divine, I helped you win your twitter thing, help me win mine!!!!!

Not so fast momma.... I will be wanting a very special din din, you know I love prosciutto...tagliatelle... roast beast [rare rare] you can work with that , yes?
I want my special cake and I don't want any mention of my age anywhere on it, or anywhere at all! [OMG I am 3?????? do I look it????? Do I have any white hairs? hahahahahaha I love being Bichon!!!!!!!]

I have been so busy I almost forgot my own B-day!!!!!! Got to make some calls!!!


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