Thursday, August 6, 2009

ever head of RESPECT for the LAW??

Aug 5, 3:46 PM (ET)

THREE RIVERS, Mich. (AP) - Authorities said a man has been arrested in for barking at a police dog. The Three Rivers Police Department said officers responded Monday evening to an apartment complex to investigate a suspicious situation.

Police said Wednesday in a statement a 26-year-old man in the area "began to torment" a police dog inside the patrol car by barking and shouting at it, causing the animal to become excited and "very aggressive."

The man was arrested and later released on bond. He faces a charge of disorderly conduct.


Information from: WLKM-FM,

Sometimes 2leggeds can be a wee bit ... weird. Really. I mean, first of all, most 2 leggeds do not speak dog at all. They mimic us but most end up with gibberish and nonsense coming out of their poorly shaped mouth. Something like me looking deeply into your eyes and saying :"Skateburhouseickmiao".... Makes no sense, right? Well that canine officer was probably stressing out trying to figure out what the 2legged was saying.

But for me this is a respect issue. Clearly. This was an on duty police dog. ON DUTY. Doing his job. And this 2legged???? Not smart enough to respect the working police dog, not smart enough to respect boundaries, not smart enough to respect the law... just not smart enough!
Sometimes, you do ask yourself... what happened to evolution? There should some way of prevent this individual from ever owning a pet... of any kind... he is just... not smart enough.
We rescue from like like this guy...

Well, here is a shout out to all working dogs! Thank you guys and we respect and love you!!!
Keep up the good work.

And while on that good work topic... HAVE YOU VOTED TODAY???? Do it vote for me. Please, thank you



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