Thursday, August 20, 2009

kisses kisses Going for the GUSTO

This post is for my Bichon readers:

Tired of being grabbed and kissed non stop by your two legged?
Trust me I know how that feels. And, while I know that we Bichons are impossible to resist...[Thank you God for my tail, nose, and Bichoness all around.] I also know that that our 2 leggeds are... let's face it...needy.
Very needy.
But I have discovered a way to slow them down and give you some breathing space.
When they lean in, to kiss you for the bizillionth time that morning, just stick you tongue out and lick them up.
One, they immediately close their eyes. It is so cute. Apparently if they don't see it, it does not startle them? Two, they press their lips shut and pull back and politely go to wash off your lick. Occasionally you will find the 2 legged that just sists there and lets you lick. For those types... I have no solution, sorry. That is a hard core dependant 2 legged. You might have to go with a full face lick. You can really grasp humanity in their reaction. They love the intimacy, BUT they fear germs [I think that is a word for all unknown scary things], and your boldness shocks them, but secretly delights them. Ahh humans, such a cute living puzzle. Better than a Rubik's cube!

Well, Go vote darling, it is another day and that site was down for maintenance or something....
I want to make more happy stories like Nina's happen

ciao ciao

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