Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daddy I want to go outside!

You know, you actually have to tell daddy that you need to go outside!

Momma knows it without being told.

Daddyyyyyyyyyyy we have to go out and check the backyard.

Are you coming down? Oh you are coming out too? mmmh. Why?

Daddy you don't need to come out.

Daddy stay here.

[Oh brother, there is not going to be any rolling in the grass with him around...]

Pretending to be looking for the rabbits and the squirrel.... See daddy, boring stuff. Dog stuff..
You don't need to be here, in fact, maybe you should be folding laundry or something...

Did it work????
Did he go back in?



Daddy, you should be telling people to Vote for me, not watching the rabbits... That's our job....


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