Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Morning foam and momma sitting

Actually chilly this morning. I am having my morning foam on my foam day bed. How appropriate is that? This way daddy can work on breakfast and I can be out of his way.
I am very cooperative. Really.

Momma is broken, so daddy is taking care of her. Actually, that responsibility falls on the the three of us. JD, Wendy and I. We work in tandem and our day is never done. Daddy's job is to make her food and do errands. We are the consolers, caretakers, watchers.

I don't know how this keeps happening, but momma has gotten stitched again. And... brace yourself... they did not put in a squeaker or anything. So what was the point of stitching her?

I dunno, I am confused. 2leggeds, they are a pawful.
Well going upstairs to check on the squeakerless one. BTW my loyal voters, please keep voting, cause I am down one momma and my campaign is suffering!

vigilant 'vie


Anonymous said...

Hope your momma gets well soon, Silvie.

rocky-dog said...

Silvie-- me and mama want to send get well wishes to your mama. My mama hast to go get sewn back up every now and then too -- I don't really know why though-- I don't pull on mama THAT hard or chew holes into her. But mama doesn't get squeakers either. She said she did get something called bionic knees -- I dunno, they look the same to me (except where they sewed her back up)but I do remember mama having to walk with a couple of the stick things after each time they sewed her back together. Mama has told me that she's been sewed back together so many times now, the hospital should give her frequent flier miles. I don't understand that at all -- I think they should give her a squeaker.

Sending your mama some puppy love from the west coast -- rocky-dog

silvieon4 said...

Thank you, we hope so too. She makes a lousy patient.