Wednesday, August 5, 2009

rescue ink UNLEASHED

Momma does not look intimidating.

I mean, she isn't even 5 feet tall and I'm pretty sure I could take her in a fight. (I beat her at tug-o-war all the time.) So, while she has the best doggy-rescue intentions, her bite can't live up to her bark. Or can it??? Mhhh. In any case she looks harmless.

I've discussed this with momma before. I've asked her to grow taller, build muscles, shave her head, and get a bunch of tattoos. She has steadfastly refused. (I know! She is SO stubborn.)

Luckily, the men of Rescue Ink are here to save the day! Rescue Ink is a group of 8 tattooed tough guys who help abused and neglected animals. They listened to my advice. They look tough and I'm pretty sure that any one of 'em could beat me in a fight. (Just to see, anyone up for tug-o-war??)

They have a new reality show that debuts Friday, September 25, 2009 on the National Geographic Channel. Count this pup a loyal viewer!

Also, please note, Johnny O clearly goes to the same groomer as my human brother! AND Angel's best friend is a Bichon!!!! Good taste all around, boys!

hoping momma will let me get a tattoo,

PS. Does getting a "tat" hurt? Does it really involve needles????
Re thinking this....

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