Friday, August 28, 2009

keeping COMPANY

Shhh, be very quiet. I am on duty here. I am momma sitting. That is her head next to mine.

JD got the early shift because we all know he has to patrol the front windows at night. He has his paws full. The corner house across the street has new owners and they have a 4 legged that we have not met -yet. JD has been putting on a show for his sake. You know that whole dominant male strut and all.
[I am so not impressed!]

Wendy gets the early night shift because she is a good snuggler.

I get the tougher shift because I am the best momma minder. And you thought my life was CAKE! I work and sometimes it is tough work. Did you know that Bichons have a degree of empathy? Well, we do.
My breed was developed for companionship and empathy is a very essential quality of that companionship. Basically that means that I feel what goes on around me more. Even when others try and hide it. The "little momma" comes out in me. That nurturing part that wants everything to be ok and whole. So, there I am at work. I am trying to shhhhss everyone around me. Giving the evil eye to the camera! Go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Now, I do have to say... having momma in healing mode has its rewards. Like... you don't have to compete with the vacuum cleaner for her attention. She has not looked at "sucker upper" in 3 days! She is actually laying down during the day! I know. And we don't have to say anything because when she tries to do something her ouchies bite her.

Also, you get the daddy at home. And he takes you for rides and takes you to the store.

Momma says that she will be all fixed in a few days and back to normal soon enough. I am counting on that!

I also have to thank my visitors. Yesterday I had company drop in on me. Hi Elizabeth and friend! Where was Victoria? I appreciate your visit and your votes! Keep it up!

Time for my foam and breakfast, then I have to escort momma and try and talk her into a nap.
Why is it so hard for 2 leggeds to nap? I mean, just close your eyes and lay still. Naps happen for me all the time!!!

Back 2 work

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