Monday, August 17, 2009

Some of your lovely letters

Hi Silvie on 4,

My name is Rory and my mommy says I'm a handsome boy, and I'm very sweet.
My mommy votes for you everyday, and she showed me a picture of you today. I think you are a very beautiful girl. I think I love you Red heart emoticon. She said that tomorrow I can vote for you instead of her so that's what I am going to do! My Aunt and some of mommy's friends vote for you too. We hope you win lots of money for TBFR!!!!

Love Red heart emoticon
Rory (and Kathleen)

Just to let you know. Freddie paws his vote everyday from our home computers, work computers and my Ipod while we are out at starbucks..
Bet you didn't know Freddie was computer literate. He barks at the door and when I get up to see whose there, he blitzes into the room, jumps on the desk chair and paw at the computer. By the time I get back the screen says 'you have just voted for Silvieon4'. When we get to my office he finds another way to distract me and repeats the voting routine.
I think now that his vision is sooooo good, he recognizes beauty.

OK Miss 'Vie I just voted for you, I want Robin to have LOTS of money to take care of ALL the precious,beautiful bichons that come her way ! ! I would be very lonely had I not come across her web site and gotten my beautiful, Piper & Jake...... Oh yes, 'Vie do you have a boyfriend as handsome and beautiful as we are ? We are available for boyfriend status, couldnt leave our 2 leggeds.

HIIIII Rory and Freddie and Piper and Jake!!!!
Now with support like this and some serious networking...... guys keep it up!!!!

Come on Virginia, make this the home of the best rescue... not the home of VICK!!!!

ps... no boy friends, too busy trying to win this contest...

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