Monday, August 24, 2009

If you are walking and you are HOT

Sunday outings are FUN!

The boardwalk is a nice place to sniff out, but, it gets hot and the ocean mist makes me puff out!

When you get hot.... Take a rest! Have a sip or two of nice cold water. My 2 leggeds carry water all the time. [It is a 2legged duty, I think. Carry the water] I also love the wet paw wipes. It is really neat to get your paw pads wiped. It is cooling and it feels great. Pity 2leggeds have to wear shoes, because really they would love a paw wipe.

Make sure you don't miss anything when walking about. After all, you are there to see and be seen - that is why we call it "public appearance".

Find a shaded bench
Ever been to the Candy Store in Wiliamsburg? This is their bench and really it was placed there for me. Why we have to wear the dumb leashes, I don't know. Ohh maybe to stop other two leggeds from claiming us! I mean Wendy, JD and I are not moving an inch off that bench. I like the breezes and the shade and the smells.

We got to visit MRS BONES in Williamsburg. Wendy ate all the treats the pretty lady gave us. Wendy has self control issues when it comes to treats... I did some cursory look over, you know, I have this mental wish list I keep. There was a little veranda swing which was cute, but JD sort of snorted at me. Unless it is air conditioned or equipped with humans with giant fans... he is not interested.

We really had a very nice Sunday despite the heat. I did some campaigning for votes [YES the contest and did you vote yet? From all your email addresses????] and we did some educating of folks who were sure we were for sale. ROLLING MY EYES....

You know I don't assume that a 2legged with 3 kids is selling kids. Why do 2leggeds assume that momma is selling us just because there are 3 of us??? It just boggles my mind.

What's on your plate for the day?


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