Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scratch and SNIFF

So when I hear those two words I am thinking 4legged. I mean scratch... sniff... something we 4 leggeds love to do. Right? And how many times has your 2legged stopped you from scratching and sniffing? Hmmm if I only had a chewie for every NO I ever got... I would be buried under the chewies.

Well, let me tell you something. I discovered this yesterday. Took me a while to actually process what was happening. But of all the hypocrisies this one takes the bone! 2legged, humans.... scratch and sniff. Oh yuh. I promise you they do. And they do it openly and nobody stops them!

I watched momma yesterday. Her mail came in and she opened up her floppy books she calls magazines. Went right to the itty bitty papers in between and pulled them out and in a matter of seconds she had torn open, scratched and sniffed every single one. And then she repeated the whole ritual. Momma scratches and sniffs. Also, our neighbor scratches and sniffs. I watched her do the same thing... When daddy got home momma made him scratch and sniff...and get this...
they comment on each sniffed paper! "Too floral" "Too citrusy" "Ewww like bug spray" and then they re-sniff!!! Bizzarre ha?

Honestly I was befuddled. I am told NO NO NO NO NO for that very same activity- Yet... they do it. The way I see it the only difference between our scratching and sniffing and theirs, is the object or entity being scratched and sniffed. We do not limit ourselves to itty bitty papers... they do.

Odd. specially since you can smell those itty bitty papers a mile away so... why bother???

In any case, the hypocrisy is what gets me. The next time I am told no in the middle of a great scratch and sniff fest.... I am finding one of those itty bitty papers and shoving it directly under momma's nose. That should do it.

Hmmm did you vote yet? Yea, I need every one of your votes, even though the statistical probabilities are not great, I NEED votes. I need to support rescue and give back. Go VOTE!!!
Look at the left hand side, click on the vote button, do it!

Meanwhile, find something wonderful to scratch and sniff!!!



Honeygo Beasley said...

Hilarious! You sure have hit the nail on the nose with this post, Silvie.

Something smells funny in the state of Denmark, by the way. I think Shakespeare said that in Hamlet or something.

Sniffs and licks, as one of our bloggy dog friends likes to say ...

Chloe H.B.

bassgal said...

We visited your blog and we voted. Will be coming back to vote some more. Some days I wish so hard to be wealthy and retired and then Lisie would adopt all of those adorable gorgeous little faces from rescue!!!

Nell Gates in Iowa

bichonpawz said...

hahahahahaha! You seriously crack me up!!