Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 leggeds!!!!!

I can't believe you 2 leggeds! Momma is getting a lot of flack. Some of you are hesitating on voting because you are worried that she will give up baking. HMMMMM I am giving you my special look. My I can't believe my beautiful fluffed out silky feeling ears.

You are worried about your supply of goodies???? And they say Bichons are food motivated!!!
Well, I simply wanted momma to spend more time with me. She will not be cutting your supply line off. Lord knows we do not want some of you to "starve".

The way the house smells today... I can tell you there is bread baking, something seafood, [it is in the oven, I can't see what yet. I also smelled something blueberry and something lemon baking... So, rest assured. Daddy said momma is a pathological baker and even wanting to stop she cannot. [I hope they find a cure for that disease]

So you have no excuse. GO VOTE. Frumpt.

shaking my beautiful head

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