Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the still of the night

I love Mr Kaboing still. At night, when the house is very quiet and everyone is still or asleep, I find my comfort cuddle and I snuggle up to him and tell him all my secrets. He keeps them secret , because... while his tongue is always out, his lips are sewn together, sealed. Really. In the middle of the night, momma heard me talking to Kaboing.
It is so hard to have privacy. That woman... and her camera. She flashed us in the face! I was exasperated. Kaboing was startled. Took me a long time to calm him down. I am so sorry Kaboing.
Momma, no more flash in the face! ok?
And, while on this topic, momma, do not wash, fluff, spray, deodorize, or whatever it is you 2 leggeds do or feel the need to do...
I love Kaboing just the way he is. He is mine, he smells just like I want him to smell and he does not need to be touched by anyone other than me.
Wendy knows that, JD knows you know it too. So, please, do not even think of Kaboing. Instead, think of the contest, Vote for me... campaign for me...



Pumpkin said...

You are so cute with your Kaboing :) How'd you get his name anyway? I love reading about you!
Pumpkin and Mom (Suzanne)

Honeygo Beasley said...

Gosh, Silvie - you are soooooo darn cute!!! I thought I was the cutest Bichon ever, but you still look very much like a puppy cute.

Anyway, Kaboing is cute too, but not as cute as you.