Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't bother to sniff it 's all fake....

You eat that candy, your teeth will not fall out, they will break !
Sorry daddy, but the momma put glass candy in that dish a long time ago!

I thought you knew....
Yes, I know, she is strange that way.

Did you know that she dusts it?

SOOOOOO strange

Daddy, we can always share a fruitsicle!



rocky-dog said...

Oh, my mama has a dish of that fake break your toofies candy too! I wonder if this is a mama thing as John-daddy thinks it's weird to have a dish full of candy-you-can't-eat too. Mamas are very strange sometimes. Rocky

silvieon4 said...

Rocky... my momma has a thing for glass... she has a fountain full of glass fishies and she has glass flowers... and I swear nothing has a smell. except for the glass plus smell.. They are strange. If I see a glass Bichon I am heading out!