Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Where did that monkey go??? Hmmm

Phew. I spent so much time looking for it, that now I am too tired to play with it! Bad monkey.
Gonna be one of those days!!! I need system to manage my downstairs and upstairs toy boxes.

You know, it is great fun to make it rain toys from the balcony, but then momma is "sloppy" about which toy makes it back upstairs. maybe if she has a list to work from.... hmmmm...

VOTE for me world!!!



rocky-dog said...

'vie -- I understand completely about the toy issues and keeping the upstairs and the downstairs correct -- after all it is sooooo difficult to find the right lambie in this house. I'm asking my mama to work her puter magic and add barcode labels to all my stuffies and to extend the inventory database she's been working on at work so that we can use it at home. Now how cook would that be -- the first 4legged on my block to have my own barcode reader! I just have to borrow the one John has upstairs!

catch you later -- rocky-dog

silvieon4 said...

Mhhh momma's cell has a barcode scanner! Could we use that??? I think you are on to something!!!