Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Up in the air

So momma takes us outside and shows us Big Oakie. Big Oakie is 400 years old
and we love it, but lately it has been raining wood. Dead wood. Not a good thing when each piece is 80 + lbs. I don't think I could still be fluffy if I get pancaked.
So, the tree people came and examined Oakie and decided that it needs a trim. I guess they are tree groomers? No shampoo, no conditioner. No scissors, no razors... BUT check out what they did!

See the branch that had to come down?

They use a bucket with a long up arm to go up on the tree! Looks like a fun ride!!!

OMG The man is up in the tree and guess what? there are bees! That's it I am going inside now!

Ok I am just going to sit here and watch and worry... and BTW did you VOTE yet???
Do it, please. Ahh a Bichon's day is never done!



Pumpkin said...

I voted pretty girl! I hope you win!!! You deserve it! Your momma works very hard!
Love, Pumpkin and Mom

Anonymous said...

Glad you went inside. Would hate for you to be pancaked.

Honeygo Beasley said...