Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy dance time! ALMOST Wordless Wednesday!

So, my birthday was super special.  Know why?  Obviously, it was MY birthday, but it was also GOTCHA day for Miss Phoebe!   Yup, world, Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue just made another happy match!

Phoebe you lucky little girl!  I hear you have a brother and a momma and a daddy!.  So very happy for you,

You know, when a rescue arrives at White Dog Cottage there is a quiet celebration because we know that now you are safe, you will be taken care of and loved. But that quiet celebration rests on the ultimate hope and prayers that a forever family is found for that Bichon.  While the new TBFR member  is adjusting to this new environment, Auntie Robin starts to watch, observe, cogitate and starts to make plans.  You can't make a perfect match if you don't know and understand that Bichon. Some Bichons need healing time, some need space, some need medical care, all need love and all need a forever home.

While Auntie Robin is watching, volunteers are reading applications, talking to families, and sifting and sorting and checking references, etc etc.  Yup, TBFR is picky. Ok, obsessively picky.  But in our defense, we make matches for life and we want to get it right each and every time.

Would I trade my family? NEVER.  Would they trade me? NEVER.   And that is how it must be.

Phoebe girl, I hear how lovely your new family is. I am excited to meet them.  You know why?  Because your new family is now part of OUR family.  The TBFR family is closely knit, fiercely protective, deeply loyal and CRAZY in love with their fur babies. That just makes me smile.  I know I will see you at the bash, Phoebe, congrats girl.  I am thrilled for you . Enjoy your new life!!!


I love the drama of paso doble, don't you?




Two French Bulldogs said...

That must have been one special day
Lily & Edward

Sheltie Times said...

As Shelties that came from a breed rescue we can only thank you for the hard work you do in finding those forever homes. It isn't easy, but we know how important the work is in getting the right match.

silvieon4 said...

Bailey, you speak the truth! And that's why we rescues must stick together, one by one adopted until there are none!

Talent Hounds said...

Love this! Adopt don't Shop!;)

The Diamond Dogs said...

Congrats to Phoebe! And Happy Belated Birthday :)