Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday NOT. Lots of words!

Where did you go?
I know what you did!  WITHOUT ME!

My nose tells me the whole story.Why did I NOT get my fair share?

I am not stoopid. You had taita` without ME!  And zighini. And the egg!  And you know I love the egg!
But I am confused. I was here the whole time, I didn't sniff anything. But I know what my nose is telling me is true. And I sniffed daddy.  He ate some too! [He ate a lot!  I smelled sciro on him!] Where is mine?
Who made it?  Nonna is in London, so she didn't do it. Dowi and Adam are in DC... so.... SPILL, where did it come from?

Wait, did you go to DC without me?
Oh am I mad.
I am never wagging my tail for you again.

Don't touch me.  I am pouting. 
You did not go to DC. Aha.  How do you explain the smells?

What new restaurant?  There is?  An Ethiopian restaurant? Here?  In Tidewater?
For real? Prove it to me! 
No, I did not see the phone pics... SHOW ME!

So... what you are telling me momma is that we no longer have to depend on you to get our fix of Ethiopian food.  Fine, you can hold the Eritrean food monopoly. [Hairsplitter] But I can find taita`... elsewhere. Life is good.

This woizerit [young lady] has something new to look forward to.  I saw some leftovers... I am set to taste.

Hey, daddy, do you need a lunch date?  I am available.  You know I love spicy.  

Still it is Wordless Wednesday, so I am shutting up until I get some of those left overs.

Whaaaaat??? It's not my fault.  Momma cultivated my taste buds.  I am a dog of the world!

No, I do not eat storebought.  


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