Sunday, August 3, 2014

Black and White Sunday... ARE you joking?


MORE rain?????
You are not kidding.  We are getting more rain? I cannot fathom this.  This is now almost a week of wet, mucky, drippy, soggy, muddy, and all around blah weather.

I mean how can we go to the crab festival?  I don't want my buggy all muddy! Who is in charge of this weather fiasco anyway?

Mother Nature.  That is your answer all the time momma, and I am not sure I believe you. Why do they give such an important job to an obviously unstable two legged.  I mean does she not get that this is AUGUST and not APRIL???? Where are my dog days of summer?  I am supposed to swimming, not drowning by deluge!

Wait, what do you mean Mother Nature is NOT a two legged?  Is she a four legged? What's a NO legged???  She is an alien?????  I m so confused. She is a mother, does she have puppies, children or kittens? None... She is a concept referring to all around us....a "personification of nature".  Right, that's a stellar concept.  Something to aspire to, NOOOT.

Can she be fired? Can we sign a petition or start a protest or boycott something to get back our summer?

For real???? Nothing?  we can do nothing about the weather. Nothing? All those thumbs and nothing? Can we sue? No??? Not an entity?  That's how she gets away with it! Drat.

Talk about a bummer.

Yes, I am giving you THE look. I am not happy.

Thank you guys for hosting!



Unknown said...

We have had some sunshine every day but it has been HOT! Too hot for any decent walk. Then it rains...every afternoon. Today, we woke up to rain so I'm thinking it will be a napping sort of day.
Happy BW Sunday.

Unknown said...

Its ok...the rain will stop eventually! Until then, you continue to be the sunshine!! <3

silvieon4 said...

I have been napping so much I am afraid I will run out of dreams!!!

Unknown said...

Yuck, hope the weather clears up soon. Looking good.

Two French Bulldogs said...

We even got rain
Lily & Edward

Unknown said...

Noooo not more rain! Actually, we could use some rain over here. How about you send it our way?

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Don't worry. Rain will stop soon. Golden Woofs