Friday, August 15, 2014

Afternoon naps

I love afternoon naps. I mean really LOVE them. I love catching a quick 40 winks while the momma gets din din ready. It is when the food smells enter your dreams and make them better.

The thing is... I don't like falling asleep alone.  I like to have my belly rubbed as I fall asleep. And getting the momma to stop doing her "doings" long enough to rub my belly so I can nap is almost impossible.  The woman does not understand how important forty winks are. And THEY ARE IMPORTANT!   It is during my forty winks that I get the best ideas.

And, if you catch a ray of sun and fall asleep in that ray of sun. you get golden dreams! 

Why is it that momma does not get this?  The woman is not a napper. Even when she is sick she is doing and getting done.  Shaking my beautiful head of curls.  [Yes, it is all natural!]

Now you know who is  a great napper?  Daddy.  Dowi.  Even the Adam. But momma.... nop.

But the upside to OCD momma are those food smells I mentioned before. 

There you are, sleeping. That soft pillow, that comfortable sofa, that ray of sun, all hugging you into surrender to sleep. And from that deep sleep,  your nose catches a whiff. Oh yuh.  A single note at first. Mhhh, duck. Mhhh... liver? ohhhh I smell duck gizzards. Sweet potato... delicious... Lamb, grilled... yum.

And in my dreams I am a princess at a long table surrounded by servants and being spoon fed the most delectable royal meal.

I am reclining on fat comfy pillows,  all around me a hubbub of activity. Everyone doing for me!.
[Yes, my reality is not far from my fantasies]

 " Oh, sit me in the softest seat, 

Quick, a cushion for my feet. 

Do for me, buy for me, lift me, carry me..."  

[Yes, the usual but in a fancier dream like venue!]

All the benefits of Sadie Sadie without the liabilities of married lady!

If my mouth did not leak so much, I would mind waking up. But then , when my mouth starts leaking... my belly starts grumbling and who can sleep with that racket going on?

Just the same, forty winks on any given afternoon are AWESOME! Try it.

I wish you golden dreams and yummy wake ups!

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Beauty sleep is extremely important
Lily & Edward