Friday, August 22, 2014

Dear Hank

So.... this is Hank. Hank is The Milwaukee Brewer's mascot. Yes, he is a hard working dog. This ehmm handsome specimen of four legged perfection walked on to the field and got himself a job, a life and fame! Hoomans called him a "stray".  Stray my tush. You think he walked on to the field by accident? Hahaha... riiight.  The Brewers took care of him while they "looked" for his owners. Nobody "claimed him" [as if he could be claimed by anyone but the world!] So, they named him HANK after Hank Aaron and voila` the rest is history!  Hank found a way to get rescued and get famous at the same time. WAGGGG to his swag! He is now the hardest working mascot with his own line of toys, books, a blog, a twitter account, etc. etc. He is his own brand! He has been named MVP!  {Most Valuable Pooch!}

You can read all about him here. Note how much better he looks all groomed and fluffed! And here...

[Now, normally I am not the kind of girl that gets all mushy over a celebrity.  But THIS is HANK we are talking about.  He is like the poster dog of  self enterprising, successful dogness!]

And he does charity work!

So, let me address this to Hank directly:
Hank, I read that yesterday you got to meet your name sake. Cool. I live with my name sake. But that's a different story.

You know Hank, the only thing that could add to your life is a great looking fluffy Bichon girl from a great family, a successful rescue, who could  be paw candy and supportive and give you the kind of companionship that only another four legged can provide. It would not hurt if this Bichon girl could help you negotiate contracts, etc. etc.  Hank, I could be THAT girl! I am sending you my pic. And here is my message to you:


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Two French Bulldogs said...

We wouldn't mind having Hanks job
Lily & Edward