Friday, August 29, 2014

Cooper-gram: The STRIKE IS ON!

Cooper to his daddy: 

Listen buddy, where is my dinner? My cousins over in Chesapeake get  home cooked dinners all the time! I am sick of this canned cat food. I want something homemade. Bust out your pots and pans and get busy!  I am not eating anything unless it is freshly cooked."

Advice from the three Bichon cousins:

1] JD:  "Hold out buddy, the face is good, you also need to add a touch of nausea to the look. It makes them all worried and they pay attention. If he attempts giving you a can, turn the bowl over and walk away with a hiss-  that will deliver the message. BTW did you stash a few morsels so you can keep up your strength?"

2] The Wendy. " I don't know about this, we are Bichons.  We are bound to Bichon code to be fussy about our food. In my case, mostly I have to have it in front of me... But I suppose you can try shaming the uncle Phil into cooking for you.

3] Silvieon4. "Amateurs.  Look, this is a declaration of war. First one to blink loses. That being said Coop, you need not to give in. In fact you need to stare him down. if your eyes make contact at all, he needs to be the one who blinks first. Would it kill him to get you a few chicken livers, sautee them and serve them up with a side of freshly cooked salmon or grouper?  It would not kill him. He is lazy. So you hold out. And tell him that the Adam and the Dowi are coming tonight. You should come visit. You know my momma.  She would feed a rock if she could. I am sure she will feed you properly.
Canned.... canned food begets canned.... love.  So no more head rubs, no more snuggles, no more snarfs.  Just swipe at him and hiss at him  until he deliver the good.  Oh suck your cheeks in when he walks by. It is an old model trick it makes you look thinner.  Make him worry!

Coop, we support your quest. I will talk to my momma and she will in turn talk to the Phil.

Canned my tail!  Even a cat deserves better!"

I am re-watching Norma Rae to get some pointers.

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