Monday, February 21, 2011

Look what we have been awarded!

Peer recognition is the most valuable kind of recognition. Fans are great, but a fan who is also a blogger is even better! You know why? Because they know the itty bitty frustrations of a lost post, or a Blogger off day that simply will not let you edit, or any of the many many little impediments that sometimes make it hard to function. Having said that I must thank Foley Monster and Pocket for awarding me the Stylish Blogger Award and further I must thank Kol for nominating me. Thank you guys! I am honored, but most of all I am grateful for your friendship. things about me I have never blogged about....mhhh let's see, with 2000+ posts that is going to be hard...

1. You may find this hard to believe, but I love, love, love, spicy food, specially Eritrean injera and zighini. I would rather eat that than steak.
2. I like to eat my pasta off a fork. Sauces can be messy! I sit there and wait until someone actually brings a fork up to my mouth. Hey I am a lady!!!!
3. If momma speaks to me in Italian I melt like a puddle of goo.
4. I really don't like crowds. For me to be ok in a crowd, I have to be in the arms of one of my humans or safely zipped in my buggy.
5. I am a bit of a tattletale. If The Wendy or JD do anything they are not supposed to do, I bark my head off until momma figures it out.
6. My pre adoption name was...Princess. Honestly! I told you I am royalty...
7. I absolutely hate, dislike and will not go near a balloon . Those things are loud, and they spit air. In your face...

How is that?

And my nomination for Elegant Blog winners are :

Each is worthy of a good read . Today it's shaping up to a great day, despite the backslide into winter... 75 yesterday.... today... 50ish???? Tucking in my paws, and waiting for my breakfast....

Yes, of course I am doing it very stylishly!


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Tucker said...

Ooh thank you for the award! I don't like balloons either.

woof _ Tucker