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Monday, February 28, 2011


Let me get this straight. We suffer through costumes and we get is sticky fingered kiddies ringing our doorbell looking for candy. We truly suffer... They get a parade. A whole parade with walkies and everything.

How far is this Rio city anyway? 
The longer I live the more convinced I become that the only FAIR in life is at the County seat...

vexed 'vie

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rocky-dog said...

Mama told me you would enjoy Rio. She has been there and she says it is an AMAZING city. But it takes like almost forever to get there! At least from where we live. Maybe not quite so forever from your side. Mama did say that she got kinda creeped out though by seeing really old guys (I think the word mama uses was geezer???) walking around in public in their speedos. I'm not xactly sure what a speedo is but the look on mama's face kind of said it all. Mama did tell me that there is something sort of the same in Lusiana in a place called Neworleans. For something called mardigrowl or something like that. lots of dancing and singing and general happy happy people out on the street.Newolens is supposed to be a lot closer though, so maybe we can talk our mamas into taking us there.