Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One more from Post Secret

Speaking of Carnival, Carnevale and... Halloween...and NO I did not send this in. Dressing up momma would probably make her happy, it would not be revenge...

This from Post Secret:

Well, freaks is such a strong word... But, depending on the "costume" it may apply.... Momma, dressing me like a piglet.... freaky!



bichonpawz said...

You are MUCH more beautiful when not dressed like a pig 'vie!!!

You are just beautiful...

The way you are!!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hello Princess! I clicked to see "who you were" and had a giggle when I saw that YOU are on wikipedia. How fun! I found you through bermudabluez! Happy to know you.
Holly & Phoebe

silvieon4 said...

Welcome Holly & Phoebe, yes I am a princess, I have crowns, I have a scepter and a throne. More than anything I have subjects ( but they insist on being called "staff"... Some egalitarian thing I have no real interest in...)
Please come back often and I will be peeking into your world as well. Kiss kiss (princess wave, with my tail of course!)

Kolchak Puggle said...

BOL BOL BOL! I think you would make a 'dorable piggy 'Vie. But I agree, Mama dresses us up and I HATE IT!