Saturday, March 26, 2011

Viral Campaign Infection

My best pal Rocky and his momma found this link. I thank them for bringing it to my attention. Ok , I will admit it.  For a nanosecond there, I was all fluttery and giddy inside at the possibility of having a baby pygmy giraffe.

Alas... being 4 has meant that many dreams have been shattered by the pin prick of hard cold reality.

Madison avenue has infected us all with their successful viral campaign. 193,649 people put themselves on a waiting list for such a wonderful mythical creature. Ya'll been sucking on the innocence bottle? Moi - no.  Hard cold realist. I only believe in Santa Paws. I have seen him. I have sniffed him... and I ran away from him. So I know he is real.

Now. IF such a thing as the PYGMY giraffe existed, I bet you dollars to donuts that we would be supporting Pygmy Giraffe RESCUE.... know why? If they breed there is greed and if there is greed, profit is creed. And profit begets more greed for bigger margins...and frankly.. there is no room at White Dog Cottage for Pygmy giraffes, so even if you could... produce such a mythical animal, PLEASE DON'T.

Filtered water bubble baths... as if... besides, everyone knows milk baths are wayyy better, puts that glow to my white curls.

One more thing. To the genius that masterminded this ad campaign, you wouldn't "has real genius" for an viral campaign that would convince people to adopt and not shop, would ya?


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