Courtesy of Katherine Heigl; Inset: x17
Last week, a 2 month old pit bull pup, won the lottery. 
Nooooo NOT that kind of lottery.  The kind that really matters. The life savings
kind.  This poor little boy had been abused as a bait dog. [vomit- I really hate some two
leggeds]  Yes, you know, used in dog fights. [they really need to pass national laws to make this a federal crime... ]  Back to this story. This little boy was covered in puncture wounds and has an inoperable splintered broken neck vertebra which requires immobilization for 6-8 weeks to heal.

With a horrible start to his life, his future was uncertain, until two angels rescued him from the California City Shelter.

We thank, recognize, salute and pay homage to Katherine Heigl and her mother Nancy. The duo, founders of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting animal welfare picked up this little boy.

They will care for him while he recovers and if no home is available for him, he will become lucky number 7  in the Heigl household. Like I said, HE WON THE LOTTERY!  

We have recognized Miss Heigl's generous heart before when she pledged a million dollars to help LA's animal shelters, but her commitment is such that we can't help but be in awe of her.