Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Spring brings flowers... and

.... fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides ... all can be toxic and in some cases fatal to four leggeds if inhaled, absorbed or ingested. A dog who walks on treated grass, and then licks his paws has effectively inhaled, absorbed and ingested the toxin.

Did you know that recent studies that the rising rate of certain cancers in dogs and children may be linked to herbicides and pesticides?

Yes, you should read and follow the directions carefully when using any of those products, but also be aware of the dangers while on your daily walks, unfortunately you can't stop your neighbors from negligent application of the products.  If your pet is accidentally exposed to any lawn or garden treatment, act quickly. Wash your pet immediately with liquid dish soap and call your vet. Consider the safer alternative, go organic.

Spring danger does not end at the chemicals...spring bulbs are also quite toxic.

A detailed list is provided for you at petpoisonhelpline.

Just BE AWARE. AVOID the emergency


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Kolchak Puggle said...

Excellent advice 'Vie! In our town, if you treat your lawn with pesticides or herbicides, you are required to post a sign on your lawn so people know about it. At our house, we treat our lawn with good old fashioned water (and lots of dog poop. HEY! If cow manure is a fertilizer, why not pup manure?? huh???)