Sunday, March 27, 2011

REAL heroes

Stepping on my soap box.  Sometimes you just have to speak your mind or blow a gasket. And the price of gaskets is too high. And the value of venting out can't be underestimated, look at the nuclear  reactors in Japan...

Lately there has been a lot of yip yap about mythical vs real things. i.e. that whole pygmy giraffe campaign. {A group "honoring" Micheal Vick. What the vick?  That made me toss my cookies. In what universe is that right? Maybe in an amoral conscienceless society. But see why the public relation firm is getting so much $$$ from Vick?  To buy him pseudo respectability.  Miss Karma please wake up. Do your damn thing.}

 I read that and I was sick to my stomach.
But last night, I realized one thing. There are real heroes. There are really great humans. We tend to forget them when we are confronted by the morass of caca around us.

Poo aside. Real heroes. Unrecognized heroes. Heroes that are the back bone of what gives me hope and makes me proud.  I have them around me. Bona fide heroes should be measured by the number of lives they effect and change for the better. Not by some meaningless dollar driven media campaign paid for and bought by some public relation firm.

So here is my public recognition of the heroes around me- and nobody paid me for this, no PR firm is involved, and it is entirely unsolicited.

Auntie Robin and uncle Jack. Ever think what their lives are like? At any given time they are surrounded by 22...23......24....Bichons in various stages of rescue, rehabilitation and recovery on a 24/7 basis. They live with them, they care for them, they work with them. They take them in and slowly, lovingly restore them., body, heart, soul and spirit. Can you imagine that?

Auntie Susan, one of our foster angel.  All of our foster angels who open up their homes to take in Bichons who are waiting for families. Can you see the love and courage that it takes to open your home, care for a Bichon and love them enough to let them be adopted?  Of course we love the foster angels who flunk fostering too. Snicker.... snicker... hiiiii auntie Crissy.

Every single adopter of a rescued dog is MY personal HERO and I thank you for changing one life for the better.

And outside the rescue world, which in my eyes counts the MOST, there are other heroes. My daddy is one. I know that because of all the phone calls he gets from two leggeds in distress looking for his help, every single day. And he helps them. Sometimes he helps them right through dinner time. Sometimes he helps them when he is supposed to be asleep, or on vacation. He listens with patience, he helps them with their problem and follows up and helps to make changes in policy that make their lives better. And he adopted me and The Wendy!

My brother Adam is a hero. He works hard to defend, protect and enforce constitutional rights for students. This is one of his latest cases:  and you can read about him here:
He changes lives. For the better.

My sister Dowi, ok ok DORI ... [I like Dowi better] is a hero. She works hard to write and publish what is the law and what is the correct thing to do. Without her, some form of anarchy would happen. Think it's easy to real what the US Supreme Court writes and then tell the world what it really means?  It's hard.

Momma is also a hero. she makes my life better, and JD's and the Wendy's and daddy's and Dowi's and Adam's and she helps TBFR  etc etc. Oh yea, she is also an ADOPTER!

My point is very simple. LOOK AROUND YOU. Celebrate REAL HEROES. Your real heroes.
Learn to discriminate what is and what is NOT a hero.  And yes... as far as pseudo respectability and pseudo heroes... what the vick! They should all vick off.

Yes, I said it and NO I am not taking it back

'vie who is gingerly stepping off the soap box to get some breakfast.


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Foley Monster and Pocket said...

I did not know you had so many true heroes in your life. To us our Mommy and Daddy are our heroes but yours do so much for the humans and the pups. A tip of the tail to you. And let's keeping using the word vick for poo until it is used world wide. Oh, and Silvie, you are a hero too
March 27, 2011 11:56 AM
silvieon4 said...

Thank you Foley, check this out
March 27, 2011 1:50 PM

Kolchak Puggle said...

Hear hear! People throw the word hero around way too much and way too inappropriately! That idiot is a piece of vick NOT a hero - your heroes are the real heroes. Paws up to all of them.

bichonpawz said...

You are positively surrounded by heroes 'vie!! Good for you!! We are very glad that the mama adopted LadyBug to be my playmate...xoxo