Saturday, March 12, 2011


How about dem BUCKEYES!  No, not the pig skin game... the HOOPS, you know,  NCAA Big Ten semifinals ! What a game. 68-61 final score.

side note... Mr Sheen, wanna see a real WINNER???? BUCKEYES!!!!!

Doing the basic marching steps... in celebration [really I wanted to dot the I in formation with the marching band, but nooooo you have to be enrolled or something... to be in the...marching band. whatever]

If you are keeping score... this is consecutive win number 6 for the Buckeyes.

Anyway,  what a game.  Aaron Craft you are cute....Jon Diebler , nice hair and nice playing  and William Buford tall and tenacious.

Ok guys, one more thing left to do .... have to win. You know why.  You will be  the first Big Ten team to defend its tourney title since Michigan State in 2000. You have to do it.  As Charlie Sheen says... losing is NOT an option.

I will be rooting you for. Now I have to go wash up and get ready for din din. I wonder if they have a Bichon Basketball League...


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Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

Just my opinion but I think you would make one heck of a point guard.