Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome to FB .... Beast?!


So... we have a new FB doggie. A puppy.  Mr. Z, he looks entirely Bichon to me. But then what do I know... I am only a little BICHON!

But then again... BEAST?  what kind of name is that for a cutie pie like that one? A name like that will cause anyone to morph into something other than what they are... I would not be surprised to see this BICHON looker become something entirely different... just to cope with that name...

BEAST.... Mr. Z... rethink the name... seriously. You must have more imagination than that!

PS. does this prove that Mr Z has a heart???

1 comment:

rocky-dog said...

I don't know about the heart thing, but I think if Beast gets to go to work, he and I should try to hang out together. His daddy's new offices are down the street from where mama and I work. It sounds like he is still a baby mama says. He is a Pulli and will get lots bigger!