Saturday, March 12, 2011

the Spring-ing has started

In my back yard, daffodils surround the trees! 

Clusters and clusters of them . I love walking in the middle of them and they stripe me in yellow.

By the rosemary bush, next to the fence, the big fat pink flowers are competing for attention. Be careful, if you walk under them, they rain on you!

Are you loving it?  Spring? Well,  if you can stop sneezing for 5 minutes, I will show you the new muddy path!  You will love it, we can play piglet and roll in the mud!!!!

What do you mean come inside? I want to stay out here and play with the Spring!
Now that the leaves are gone I want to sniff every inch and explore every nook and cranny! We have had a long hard winter. we had SNOW! In Virginia! I mean really!
Well duh.... of course I am going to get a little dirty, it comes with the territory. Can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs and all that rot...

Mommmmmmmma, what's the point of Spring of you don't let us get sprung????



Tucker The Crestie said...

Vie, we sure hope your mom will let you get springy-sprung very soon. But do you know that you'll have to go to the groomer afterward? That's what happens to our Uncle Riley (he's a Bichon, too!) when he plays piglet!

rocky-dog said...

Hi 'vie, so glad to hear that you are finally having spring! Our spring kind of comes and goes. The yellow flowers have already come and gone, but the trees with the flowers are all starting to fill out. It's fun when the wind makes all the flowers blow off -- mama let's me try to chase them sometimes. But mama isn't real interested in the mud thing either. And she's pretty tired of brushing the grass pieces of my feet after every walk -- gotta love the parks guys -- they cut the grass and then leave a LOT of the leftovers to walk and roll in! I've been told that tomorrow is bath day. mmmmhpp!