Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Survival is best achieved through adaptation. Evolution itself relies on adaptation. My ancestors survived by safeguarding their food from predators. That instinct has been passed on from generation to generation... and that has made  it possible for me to be here. And here and now is what I want to talk about. Here, in this domestic landscape, and how we have adapted and how we express our instincts.Stop making fun of our imaginary dirt as we use our noses to "bury" things. It is instinct... not something we control.

I have given this some thought . [Yes there is a brain behind all these beautiful curls] In this domestic landscape, adaptation is difficult and hiding your chewies is a a very hard task.
One that many four leggeds have abandoned out of complete frustration. Well, today I am going to tackle this topic and hopefully give you some pointers and guidelines.

I am well acquainted with the clean and neat fixation of many two leggeds [no momma, I am not talking about you..nooooo, sneer...] Aside from that reality, the domestic landscape has some serious limitations.  Look around. The infinite variety and opportunities presented by the lush outdoor landscape, in a domestic landscape are quite limited by space and functionality. While in a home, the "predators" are fewer, there are still predators. And I am not just talking about other four leggeds. I include in my definition of predators, the mechanical beasties like frisbee-cat, the sucker-upper [the vacuum cleaner] and its deformed relative cone body, (hand vac) puffy the dragon (steam cleaner) etc etc. And, of course we have to also point out the unintended predator...aka momma on a cleaning binge, or daddy in search of... (half the time he forgets the what, or how, but you can bet on the why always being the same...~~~~~~>momma- she is making him do it.

So given the limitations and constraints offered by the domestic landscape, we are left with a few choices that are pretty standard in every home...Pillows, cushions,bedding, beds, chairs, shoes, slippers, rugs, rug fringes, curtains. Those are obvious places. Expected. No long term safety offered for the chewie. These are places that will do in a pinch, but have a high exposure rate because they are common.

Let's talk about how, by applying a little creativity you too can expand the opportunities in your own domestic landscape. You need to do this to minimize fights with the likes of JD the possessive, or The Wendy grabber. Trust me, a little thought makes life easier.

Look around. Don't let familiarity fog your eye for opportunity.

By studying my two legged's habits I have developed a whole list of hiding places that are both unexpected and safe.  Does your bathroom have a toilet paper storage container? A magazine caddy? A potted plant? :)  yes any of those are worth investigating.  OCD humans will rarely get to the bottom of that toilet paper storage thingie because they are constantly refilling it.  Talk about safe long term storage, we are talking months.... The magazine caddy is a a good medium storage place. and the potted plant... short term, but entirely safe because touching dirt gets you a bath, so nobody will touch it except you, because you know that you can use this safely between waterings, when you do not have ready made mud.

While generally  I try to avoid high traffic areas, the bedrooms are bliss in a domestic landscape. Try this, under the sheets at the foot of the bed. You have a week on momma's side. She will be completely unaware because her feet do not reach that far and... the coverlet on top of the bed will "mask" your chewies. Just remember to retrieve them when you see her stripping the bed.

Behind that big lamp that stands next to the fireplace. That is what I call a dead corner. Nobody goes there... :)

How about  between the hutch and the wall? It is a narrow area and it takes talent.Just make sure that you don't push it so far you need help to get it...

While everyone expects to find a chewy between the couch pillows, who expects to find one inside the pillow case?  Or inside the rolled up "spa" towels by the Jacuzzi? Or under momma's make up table behind the never used waste basket. [she is too OCD to ever use that. She carries her trash out each and every time...]For that matter in that waste basket!   Guest rooms are wonderful. One, they are not used daily, two, they are filled with great hiding places and three, they are generally overlooked . Overlooked places are ideal! Like the built in ironing board in my house... Momma hates it.... wonderful safe place for my chewies!

You get the idea. KNOW your human. Adapt to his/her habits. Take advantage of their predictability.

Having said that... here is what I know you MUST avoid. Laundry baskets.  They are very high risk. You  end up with a soggy wet, odorless chewie that has been washed.... and a screeching human that whines about having to rewash everything... not worth it.
Open dishwashers... same as above, and they whine louder. Corners on the steps... too high traffic. Under furniture. In my house that's a sure way to choke the sucker upper and then everyone will know because as soon as that thing chokes, the world stops until the chewie is dislodged... and thrown out... All with high drama... Avoid momma's closet. NOT worth it. Trust me.
Camera bags... NOT worth it, plus you stuff smells like lens cleaner... forever....

In summary, to succeed in your adaptation, look for unexpected, low traffic, and not subject to constant cleaning. Simple rules.... try them...  And look at my best hiding place ... today...

Like... who would think of a fake dog having a real chewie? Clever, no?


So, where is your best hiding place? How creative is your ADAPTATION?
Let me know! Share ideas!!!


Marshmallow said...

I feel your pain, Silvie! My mama is a bit OCD too. I have a spot in the front closet among mama's special outside shoes and the big 'brellas where no one ever looks--so it's a perfect hidey spot.

silvieon4 said...

Ohhhh good suggestion, umbrella stand!

rocky-dog said...

Silvie, I really hate to brag, but my mama let's me have chewies almost anywhere. In fact she brought the soup bone I've been working on to work today so I can continue to chew it down. I honestly think mama has given up -- between John and me and the big closet at work (hmm, mama says that's the costume stockroom), she is just too pooped to deal with a few chewies that I leave around here and there. But mama and I came up with a couple of other ideas for you:

in the garage -- we are assuming you have one -- your 2leggeds probably have stored all kinds of stuff. There are usually good hiding places in garages -- just NOT under the cars!

In the laundry room -- do you have a space between the washer and dryer?? I find that is an excellent place

Behind the entertainment center -- you know that big tv thing? I have like almost a whole room back there!

About the only place mama won't let me do a chewie is in her sewing studio -- she say's the pins and needles in the carpeting are bad enough -- she doesn't want to have to deal with chewies there

silvieon4 said...

Alas, all our Tvs are in built ins... and the garage has too many dangerous things [momma won't even let us check it all out...], but the laundry room... hmmmm I must explore that I am very curious... BTW did you get your liver lips?

rocky-dog said...

yes, I thought I had my secretary, um, mama, send you a thank you. I will definitely have to check on that. They are delish. I make mama break them into 3 pieces and require her to hand feed a piece at a time. I shouldn't be too hard on her though as she does let me leave my chewies pretty much anywhere

Kolchak Puggle said...

Personally, I like to hide my deer antler at the veeeeery bottom of the toy box. We have so many toys that I am the only one who ever digs to the bottom. Another favourite spot is to push it inder the lip of the couch, but that is hazardous as you'll need Mama to help you get it back out. Dad wont help, he just sits on the couch ignoring you and tellng you not to bark. But my truly inspired hiding spot is to put it in one of Mama's boots - usually her snow boots. It almost never snows here. We can go a whole year without snow. Talk about a nice secure long term storage solution.

bichonpawz said...

You have to promise not to tell 'vie...but we sneak into mama's closet and hide the chewies inside her summer shoes...during the winter! We often drop them in her scrapbooking bins...we do hear a bit of a whine now and then...but it works! We also use the laundry between the washer and dryer...but never IN the piles of laundry...that would create a world war!

Anonymous said...

I have a few favorite spots. One of course being under the bed. This works best if your treasure is stashed dead center under the bed. The larger the bed, the safer your treasure is. Also, larger, impossible to move, pieces of furniture are ideal. There is just enough space at the bottom to shove your favorite item. Only one problem, I must employ Mom to get "the stick" and retrieve said item when I wish to eat or play with it. BUT I know it is safe. Thanks for your tips Silvie! I can now expand my collections.