Saturday, March 26, 2011

Admit NOTHING!!!!

Denver, rule number one: ADMIT NOTHING!!!  Act offended. The best defense is a good offense!
Two: turn the table on your human. Who was a slacker and left the kitty treats where you could get them?  Hmm??? He was!  What if they had been toxic to you?  We call that negligence.  I say he should be in the penalty box!

Denver you need to toughen up cupcake. Next time he is doing his interrogation and hurt daddy schitck you should walk away, demand a lawyer, and do a whole J'accuse number on him!!!

I am working my paws to the bone here guys.  Do you learn nothing?  Take notes. Practice your evasive stare, and ... learn to point the paw!

Nobody better ever try this routine on moi...


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