Saturday, March 19, 2011

Places we LOVE


 Known at the Holistic Pet Shop to us, it is on the web here at THECYBERDOGUSA.COM
Seagate North Center at MP 5.5 Bypass, Kill Devil Hills

For all of you vacationers who plan on spending time in the Outer Banks, a stop in Kill Devil Hills for your four legged is mandatory!
Ok, so maybe it is my love of treats that is speaking for me... but have you seen the selection?
Albeit, they do not have liver lips or liver slivers [somebody get on this....ehmm auntie Robin]
they do have an impressive healthy treat supply and the offer the best rated dog foods.

And... wait for it.... THEY SUPPORT RESCUE..... YEAAAAAH....!!!

We met beautiful Roomer yesterday, and momma sniffed the place out like a bloodhound.
When she came out with lips curled up instead of the usual lips curled down  we get when she visits "pet shops" we knew we had something good!

We then got in and visit. I heard all those words that make momma happy. Organic, natural, herb, supportive... etc etc.. and they have all the blue bottles too! [We have blue bottles at my house. Momma puts blue bottle stuff on my paws. [Tea tree oil] . 

They have what they call a BARKING PARKING SERVICE. You can leave your 4legged in air conditioning, safe, and having fun, while you do stupid stuff like checking into the hotel, or even shop [snicker... without me to consult, momma's shopping is a disaster..., but whatever]

In any case, check these guys out, SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS that are good! They practice what they preach.  AMEN!



Sage said...

Sounds like a great pet store!! We have several here in Portland that are like that too.

bichonpawz said...

Sounds like a great place to visit! Glad you sampled treats for us!

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

That looks so cool, we don't get down that way to often be we will check it out