Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adopt a rescue

It's tres chic!

Everybody is doing it!

Justin Bieber adopted SAM

Kellan Lutz adopted Kola and Kevin

Jennifer Aniston - Corgi/Terrier mix: Norman

Drew Barrymore - Chow/Lab mix: Flossie

Mischa Barton - mutt: Charlie

Orlando Bloom - mutt: Sidi

Adam Brody - American Pit Bull Terrier mix: Penny Lane

Sandra Bullock - mutts: Poppy and Ruby

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart - Chihuahua: Nellie

Jake Gyllenhaal - German Shepherd: Atticus Finch

JK Rowling - Greyhound: Sapphire

Charlize Theron - mutt: Tucker

Jorge Gargia -Pip and Smidge

Selena Gomez....five dogs and counting, go girl!

Katherine Heigl- Oscar, Mojo and Piper

Hal Sparks- Chewie

RochelleLaFevre- Jack

Amy Smart- Oscar

Selma Blair-Wink

Gregory Itzin-Merlin

Josh Duhamel-Meatloaf

John Barlett - Tiny Tim

Cornelia Guest- Bear and Oscar

Depok Chopra -Cleo

and that's just a fraction of all the celebs who have adopted...make room for a rescue in your life, DO IT!!!!

don't SHOP !!!!! ADOPT

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