Saturday, February 12, 2011

Talking to the momma

It takes a lot of patience to live with two leggeds. It also takes skill. You have to be their baby while remaining in control and manipulating your way with a lick and a wag, no less. This is a picture of moi. I am "discussing" my breakfast with momma. I often have to "talk" momma into what I want. Daddy is harder to manipulate only because he does not seem as "aware" of my needs, wants and desires. With him, I get my way after he has given up the usual routine... No short cutting. [Typical male, relies on pattern and habit as the default behavior. I have read up on this. It's hard wired in the genes...] But momma, momma is a much easier target. I am on the sofa, looking over the counter where momma is cutting up my lamb chop. But what I really want this morning is some of momma's breakfast. I am not even sure what she is having, but it doesn't matter. Unlike The Wendy who is all about the food, I am all about socializing. I won't even look at my plate until I have someone to sit and share my meals with. And I want momma to myself while we eat. It is "our" time. The on going problem is her constant need to multi task on what I consider "my " time. So, I have to be firm, talk to her, walk her to our spot and have her sit down and pay attention to only moi. I have special growls, whines and "talking" I use to get my way. [I am not sure I would pick thumbs over voice if I had a choice, if you know what I mean]. Well, this morning it took me almost 15 minutes to get that woman seated and sharing breakfast. I even shared a bite of her zucchini omelet...[the things I do for her!]

Now, it would be nice if she would get the routine down and simply adhere to it, instead of having to coaxed daily... What can I say, two leggeds!


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Kiyi Kiyi said...

Oh dear I know all about this! What would we do without you to help us 2 leggers?!?
I'll bet your momma likes the direction you give ;)