Friday, February 25, 2011

Table manners and rant

This post is dedicated to the person who said, and I quote:
"IIIICK, sharing a table with a dog would be gross, I mean it's not as if they have table manners..."

Hmmmm, pardon moi, BUT I have impeccable "table manners". I have loving parents who have taught me well. I sit quietly waiting for my meal. I am respectful of others and politely eat off a fork.  I chew with my mouth closed and I spill NOTHING on the floor. I don't throw food around and I have never thrown a temper tantrum so loud that it clears out a restaurant. I don't think you can say the same about some two legged children.

And, as far as your comment about hygiene. I am clean, I am healthy, and being all white makes it impossible for me to hide "dirt". And nobody asked you to share my plate, or my fork or my napkin..

Coming off my soap box. All this because I said I want to go out to eat with momma and daddy. I eat with them every day, neither has "died" from eating with me. [ok, I am not quite ready to come off my soap box]

So, let's be honest, your issue is not with me, personally [although I take it personally] your issue reflects your own shortcomings. If you can't see that manners are taught, please, don't adopt a dog, you would make a terrible parent.

My two leggeds love me enough to have invested time to educate me.


PS Daddy that lamb chop was delish!

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