Thursday, February 24, 2011

I think I found the state of France!!!!

Paris vu du Ciel de Yann Arthus-Bertrand
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So, when do we move? Momma said I could not go to the White Hat Society lunch because we are not in France. Ok.  I want to be with my two leggeds always and I want to go out with them always, everywhere, including and most specially when they go out to eat...    I love them, and they love me. So, when do we move?  Now this France I found is also called Paris. Paris France. I hope that's the same France momma was talking about. Hey wait, I know someone who was recently there. Chloe' Honeygo Beasley's momma. Wonder how she liked  it. In any case, I am ready to move.



rocky-dog said...

Hi 'vie. First of all thank you for the goodies you and your mama sent. They are tasty! Mama says she has been to Paris and while she enjoyed it, she says the "real" France is someplace called Provence. In her opinion much nicer. But she did tell me that we would NOT be going there anytime soon as airfares (???) are getting too spensive. She says we are all probably going to stick around at home this year. Maybe we can make a pretend Provence. Your mama cooks in a similar way -- maybe she would like to pretend too?? what do you think -- a bi-coastal pretend party??

silvieon4 said...

That is a splendid idea. Yes momma does do the whole Piaf on cd, Provence in the oven bit. Recently she went on a cheese binge. It was a glorious 2 days. Picholine olives, cornishons, pates and cheeeeeeeseee. Then the alien in her belly said no more. So we all suffer now. No, fat free cheese is plastic, not cheese, although she says technically it's gelatin...
And for the record, momma says Paris belongs to the world, Provence belongs to France. I just like watching her mouth when she says Provence. RRRRRR where does that RRR go????