Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love your pet day FEB 20

I am not particularly fond of the Madison Avenue mandates which create weird holidays to fuel the economics of the greeting cards companies, cheap chocolate manufacturers etc. I am generally anti over commercialized pseudo holidays...I mean, I am still scratching my head trying to get why Feb 14, St. Valentine's day is the day that celebrates lovers...St. Valentine was not exactly the poster boy of love. I had expected a Bieber type or for momma's generation a Pierce Brosnan type... Further back in time than that??? Oook... Fred Flintstone type. Valentine was a priest....

Anyway, while reading the daily papers, I came across an item which proclaimed that today it's officially LOVE YOUR PET DAY. Dang! That sure got my attention. Hopefully there is no stupid greeting card for it, but I do sincerely hope that there is some sort of delicious traditional food, or special belly rub or walk to express the wonderful sentiment.

Food would be great. Something new, juicy, with a crispy skin and a moist interior like duck. I love duck. [I do hope Feather Ducklear and Bill Duckley come back to the pool this year...wiping my jaw... I am leaking]

So, I have been nose-ying around the house trying to sniff out how momma will celebrate a momentous day like today. She has 3 "pets", 4 if you count the dad. I am ok with including him in our group. Sometimes I think he is one of us. And if including him ameliorates our cache`, so be it.I designate him to be a PET. Ha, I know he thinks that's an upgrade.

Now, in an effort not to trivialize and reduce this day to the vacuous expression of sentiment that fails everyone's expectations, momma, I have taken a few to outline what would make it really meaningful. I have mentioned the food. I trust your judgment on this, just a reminder, there is a lovely tenderloin in the freezer, and also, there is that stuffed turkey breast that could be delicious. Sooooo, momma, how are you going to shower us with love? Will it be coming out of the oven? The grill? The piastra? Where , where, where???

You could take us for a lovely long walk in Norfolk by Riverside. I am so fond of that wonderful velvety grass. Mhh a good roll on that would be super. [NO BATH AFTER- It is LOVE your pet not scrub your pet day!] Then you could take us to our fav pet supply store and say... let us pick out something fun from the toy isle, or treat isle ... whatever. No no no, not rags/ clothes, and you could forgo the forensics on the ingredients listed...that would increase our options so much!

Then we could come home, have that wonderful dinner and stretch out in a food coma that would culminate in a long belly rub while we drift off to sleep.

Now, that's a perfect love your pet day... So when do we start?

Stop! Halt! What the tushy stick for? Thermometer.... still a tushy stick....
I am fine! Back off woman. I am NOT delusional or febrile [whatever that means]... I am getting the feeling you are not into my holiday... heathen... momma you are a heathen... Daddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyy , hold me, she has a tushy stick!!!!

Talk about shattered expectations...


Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

Have you ever won the Stylish Blogger award? If not I would like you to accept this award from me for having such an awesome blog. Let me know

silvieon4 said...

I have never won that! Thank you!!!

bichonpawz said...

'vie! What a super cool holiday!!! We need to celebrate!!! Hope you got that tenderloin and the special belly rubs!!! We LOVE YOU!!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

OH! Congratulations on your award....we love your awesome blog too!!

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

I shall send it to your tomorrow. I promise