Thursday, February 10, 2011

announcing the contest WINNERs!!!

The contest:
My blog tag line is: from rescue to royalty Silvieon4 shares her life. This week, in conjunction with the wag swag Wednesday at dog I am sharing a bag of my treats with the dog that tells us the best rescue story.

Share your story and win TREATS. Yes, treats. And as part of the contest, I'm requiring your 2legged to give them to you whenever you want. No tricks, no waiting!

Well, we did a lot of reading this week. Momma did a lot of crying because some of your stories were really touching. So we decided to have not one, but TWO winners because when it came down to it both stories that were chosen were so completely different and yet both about rescue.

The first one is a story about the perseverance and patience that it took to rescue a human and the magic that a Bichon angel called Buddy had to perform to make his momma stop being so sad. Winner one is Wynn! Wynn I will making arrangements to get you your own bag of treats to share with Ru!

My name is Wynn and this is my rescue story.

One day when I was hiding behind my sofa, a guardian dog angel came to see me. His name was Buddy. He was now an angel and was very happy, even though he knew how sad his mom was to have to let him go she did so, because she knew he would feel better in heaven. Buddy knew I was very unhappy at my house and had no purpose in life. I was left alone a lot...and they did not like me. Anyway, Buddy said a lady would be coming to pick me up the next day and would take me away. He said not to be afraid because it would lead to a better life. He said that no one would believe that I was the bad dog my family said I was.

Buddy was right! The very next day a lady came for me. She took me to her house and then to a kind of camp for white dogs. Many many many white dogs!They call this place White Dog Cottage. I loved it there, but I hated having to share my humans, Auntie Robin and Uncle Jack, and their lap with the other dogs.

Well, Buddy came to see me again and told me he had a plan. That night he made his sad Mom have a dream about Bichons and told her to look in the newspaper. The next day she did. She saw an ad for Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. She called the number, got cold feet and hung up. She missed Buddy so much that she didn’t think she could love another dog. Buddy's plan had failed.

But, Buddy wasn’t giving up. At church that Sunday he had a lady ask his mom if she was going to Bark in the Park. She hadn’t planned to go. However, Katie (Buddy’s human sister) had a birthday party to go to across the street from the park. Several days before, Katie had gone on the TBFR website and she had seen my picture. Of course, she wanted me. Katie begged her mother to stop by the park on the way to the party, so they did. Katie usually gets her way.

Buddy’s mom met Auntie Silvie and Auntie Robin there. She tried to tell them about Buddy, but she started crying. And then they started talking, and soon the conversation became all about me. But I was with Uncle Jack in the car on my way to Bark in the Park! So, Buddy's mom decided to come back after the party so she could meet me. Well, this time, I got cold paws... There I was, looking so cute, but I got scared and growled at Buddy’s mom. I really was very scared! Katie picked me right up and gave me a big hug and told her mom I was scared. I was so scared that I scared Buddy's mom! It looked like Buddy’s plan had failed again.

Well, at least I had made an impression on Katie, who was NOT giving up! Katie usually gets her way. Katie made her mom promise to fill out the online application for Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. As promised, the mom did fill the application, but she wasn’t going to push enter and send it in, really she was not going to go through with it. Thank GOD her computer skills are bad and she did it by mistake!!!! Finally, Buddy's plan was starting to work! Things were looking good.

Auntie Robin called her and I was coming to visit on a Sunday. Well, I was so happy that I hurt my leg running around with the other dogs. Buddy’s plan had failed again.

Auntie Robin was going to bring a different dog to Buddy’s mom. Buddy wasn’t happy about this, so Buddy reminded Auntie Robin that she couldn't go Sunday because she had to prepare for a test on Monday. It worked, and she canceled the appointment. Well. Buddy’s mom couldn’t have Auntie Robin over for two more weeks. Perfect, that would give me time to heal.

Finally, everything was ready to go. Just one more obstacle and that was Ru (Buddy’s dog brother). Ru doesn’t really like other dogs. Buddy told me not to worry that he would take care of him. So we went to Buddy’s house. Uncle Jack put me in the back yard and they let Ru out. Ru looked at me kind of funny. I think he thought I was Buddy’s ghost. I was very quiet. I didn’t want to blow this. Buddy was counting on me. He was tired of seeing his mom so sad. I could hear Buddy’s voice telling Ru it was ok, because I was going to be his new brother. Then we started playing. Ru liked me!

Uncle Jack called me Winnie the Pooh and now I have Ru. As for Buddy’s Mom, well now she’s my Mom and she is so happy. She loves me so much!! She doesn’t cry about Buddy anymore and she knows that there is a little part of Buddy in me. After all, Buddy did pick me out of all the other dogs. Well, I know you humans think you rescue us, but sometimes we rescue you. My name is Wynn and that’s how I rescued Buddy’s Mom and made her MY Mom.

The second winner is Tucker. Tucker told us his cousin Diesel's story. Tucker entered the contest for Diesel. Altruism is always rewarded here! Tucker you won and we will be in contact with you for your address. Extra large bag of treats to share with Diesel will be shipped to you!

Oh Silvie I is not a rescue doggie but my BFF and cousin Diesel is! He is now 6 and was finally rescued when he was 2. See he is a mastiff rottie mix with loads of energies he was turned over to the shelter cause he was too big and pulled on his leash (we will call his first owners stoopid people A). So stupid people A took him to the shelter and his name was Hendrix, then stoopid people B adopted him. He lived with them for abouts a month and then they took him back to the shelter because he was jumping and pulling. Well the poor guy got adopted again to stoopid people C. Now they renamed him Diesel and then returned him again. You got it he was too big, he pulled on a leash, and he jumped. Well my uncles had lost there 13 year old doggie to cancer and waited a couple months but the house was to empty. They went to the shelter to meets Diesel and fell in love wif him. He went home to live with them and is happy as can be. If all those stoopid peoples had just trained him See more... they would have learned that he is such a good boy. Can you imagine being returned to the shelter 3 times before finding your forever home, no wonder he was acting up. Poor Diesel had no one to show him how he was suppose to act. Anyways that is my story abouts my BFF and cousin Diesel, I luvs him. woof - Tucker
By Tucker on Freeeeee treeeeeats (in my best Oprah voice) on 2/2/11

congratulations guys!!! RESCUE ROCKS!!!!!



bichonpawz said...

'vie!!! We are soooo happy for your friends!!! LadyBug...being a rescue herself sure thinks this contest ROCKS!!! RESCUE rocks!!! Bichons DEFINITELY rule!!!
xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Tucker said...

Oh thank you! I is excited to win but more excited to tell Diesel's story. He really does derserve all the luvs he gets. Plus he taught me an awesome right hook! I will definitly share the reward with him! In fact he's a little bit of a piggy so he'll probably eats all the treats! Thank you and are the other stories now up on the original post? I would like to read them all.

woof - Tucker

silvieon4 said...

Tucker, we will be sharing many of them on the radio show, so please stay tuned!