Monday, February 14, 2011


40 to 1 are the odds a Bichon Frise will win this year's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. You read it correctly. Once again, Wynn Las Vegas has posted betting odds on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The odds are for breeds, NOT specific dogs, and since the whole thing is "for entertainment purposes only," bets are not actually taken, this per John Avello, Executive Director of Race & Sports for Wynn.

To see the posted odds on all the breeds, log on to , click Casino, then click Race & Sports, you will see the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show listed.

I was really going to release the wrath of Silvieon4 over this total objectification and trivialization of something that should be so pure and untouchable. But then I started talking to my family and they informed me that odds makers have placed odds on everything under the sun, from presidential elections to date of death of celebrities, etc etc.

Still, as a Bichon, I do believe that these people have never seen a Bichon close up. Gimme 5 with any of them. Just 5 minutes alone. You think that after staring into my eyes, running their fingers on my beautiful coat, or touching my belly and witnessing the awesomeness of my tail swag they would still place those odds at 40 to 1? They would have to be completely stoned.

[Stoned, it's my new word. Thank you Charlie S, without you I would have never learned it, but I kept asking questions after I kept hearing about your parties and you spending so much money on them (boy could the rescue use one hour's worth of your party cash....) , and ultimately I was told you got stoned. I figure that means stupid.]

I digress. I would bet you that 5 minutes with ANY Bichon would tip that table. I mean, really we as a breed were developed to please two leggeds. We are the yang to their ying for petting.

Now I do have a question. There is really no way that a Westminster Judge would be swayed by the Vegas odds is there??????? Mh. I am so losing my innocence. I am so becoming jaded. Last year I would not have even thought of that question.

Knowledge is the price of innocence, sometimes



Tucker said...

Geesh I'm so special that THEY DIDN"T EVEN LIST ME! I guess Great Danes are considered all other dogs in the field. Hmmph. Stoopid Dog show.

woof - Tucker

silvieon4 said...

You said it brother. STOOOOOOOOOPID. Can you smell the stench of profit???

Kiyi Kiyi said...

Tibetan Terriers aren't on the list either!!

rocky-dog said...

Hey 'vie, mama pointed out that the breed that ends up as best in show (remember JR from years ago? I don't cuz I wasn't around then) often ends up as a breed in need of rescue. Mostly because stoopid 2leggeds get it in their heads that whatever the best in breed is should be their new 4legged. and the puppy mills take advantage cranking out puppies to fill the need. so maybe afterall its better for bichons to be 40 to 1. maybe there wouldn't be such a need for rescue if people who shouldn't have a 4legged just couldn't do without! just saying. . .

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

We'd take some of that action.

silvieon4 said...

Rocky, your mama is right. We prayed that President Obama did not pick a Bichon. Nobody wants the JR backlash. Like I said, the stench of greed and the hope of profit at our expense... Puppy mills need to be abolished. Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue ultra screens adopters. Makes us a lot of enemies, but sometimes we HAVE to say no. No Bichon needs to be placed in a home where he will be caged 12 hours a day... Or in a home with a an aggressive big dog... Still , people get angry because they want what they want without any consideration for anyone else. Too bad. we would never place a rescued Bichon in another tentative situation. GROW UP America... I do wish you lived closer!! How are you feeling?