Thursday, February 10, 2011

PA yes Public Announcement

Have you ever wanted to take your favorite four legged family member to church???
Now you can!

On the second Sunday of each month, at 5pm, Old Donation Episcopal Church (4449 N Witchduck Rd, Virginia Beach) holds a "pet friendly" service called Paws, Prayers and Praise (all denominations welcome).

From the Old Donation Episcopal Church website (
"People bring their pets with them to this service, which is generally over in 40 minutes, because even exceptional pets have a limited attention span. The praise music of this service is usually accompanied by a guitarist, and some dogs sing along. The only reading is the Gospel, and the sermon is typically three minutes long. People remain in their pews while communion is brought out to them in order to minimize mayhem, and no, we don't commune the pets, just the people."

While ART has no religious affiliation, nor do we promote any specific religion, we are pleased to broadcast this service to those to whom it might appeal.

ART is thankful for the partnership formed with Old Donation Episcopal Church. The church grounds are the location of our Celebration Garden ( where people can have bulbs planted in honor of their favorite animal or animal lover.

ART's monthly membership meetings are held at the church as well.

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