Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cutest DOG

Yesterday was an extremely trying day. Denmark was full of rotten. As hard as I have been working on this trying to place in this contest, yesterday I almost wanted to give up. Today I am not much further from that that point, but for different reasons. Yesterday we noticed the vote count was skyrocketing. Then we were told by many voters that there was a glitch in the system. Then we notified the contest people.

silvie.....@aol.com: Is something wrong with the voting system?
silvie.....@aol.com: We went from phone calls from the rescue group complaining that the system did not allow them to vote to this.... We are NOT cheating. We take this competition very seriously because our rescue is in desperate need of cash... someone is trying to disqualify us???
silvie.....@aol.com: help
[14:24] support_staff: wassup
[14:25] support_staff: o
[14:25] support_staff: yeah
silvie.....@aol.com: hey, something is screwy
[14:25] support_staff: we are investigating the problem
[14:25] support_staff: yeah
[14:25] support_staff: sorry about that
silvie.....@aol.com: it is not us
[14:25] support_staff: I guess we will have to restart the syem
[14:25] silvie.....@aol.com: we take this way too seriously
[14:25] support_staff: it is not your problem
[14:25] support_staff: no worries :D
[14:25] support_staff: yeah
[14:26] support_staff: how many votes
[14:26] support_staff: did you have before
[14:26] silvie....@aol.com: I just did not want to have us eliminated on the bases of someone's doing.
[14:26] silvie....@aol.com: we think about 600

Today we see a vote "adjustment" down to 300... How they came up with that??? I don't have a clue.

Momma says I can't walk away because we have invested time and effort and we have lots of 4 and 2 leggeds depending on us. But really. Rule changes, voting changes, what appears to be arbitrary vote giving and taking... it is really discouraging enough to make me question my own cuteness.

I looked at the title of this competition. "CUTEST DOG". I swear I am it.
Sigh. No worries. He says. Not your fault he says.... but does he know we just took in a puppy mill girl who has eye issues and will need the eye vet?

Does he know that Will needs to see an orthopedic vet?

Deep breath. Word out to the universe. Clean paws, clean heart, one goal.
Vote, I am trusting you.


Yes, guys, underneath this fab cuteness lies a thinker with a social conscience.
MUTT STRUTT this weekend, I will be THERE!!!!


Pumpkin said...

Oh that's so so awful Silvie! I'm going to vote for you right now and I made a journal about it on Doggyspace too. I know you would Never cheat. I hope you get your votes back. We love you and know you're doing the right thing by giving the money to your wonderful rescue.
Pumpkin and Mom

silvieon4 said...

Thank you, I suppose that's life, so we keep on trucking. The new puppy mill girl we rescued is a real heart breaker. Could not turn away that poor baby and she will be seeing an eye specialist. Hey Hunte corporation this one probably came from one of your suppliers!!!! GRRRRRR

rocky-dog said...

mama almost bit through a pen when she saw your post this morning -- that's actually pretty bad -- but I guess it could have been worse -- mama has been known to throw things at walls when she gets really really angry about something. she tells me that I keep her "grounded" whatever that means -- I mean I'm always 4 paws on the ground (except when I'm jumping I guess). We were hoping that you were going to be number 1 this week when we saw all the votes last night. Is there someone I should go chew on a bit??? Rocky

silvieon4 said...

Rocky I wish I knew who. I would be chewing them myself...Hoping this weekend I can drum up some votes. I have posters and displays and candy.
What does it take to motivate 2leggeds?

rocky-dog said...

mama is using both of her email address and mine so that we can vote (legally) 3 times a day. I wish I knew more 4leggeds who could vote! rocky

Unknown said...

Yesterday, you had 684 votes - I remember that distinctly, because I was impressed :-) So you were seriously gypped. No worries though - Mommy and I are doing our part.

silvieon4 said...

Thank you guys. I am still glad I did report what I thought was a glitch. To those of you who created the vote gate bypass and dragged us innocents into it... SHAME ON YOU!!!